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Director of Operations - New York

TMK is looking for our first Director of Operations to help us handle the transition from small agency to mid-size and help us maintain and improve our standards for client service, work-life balance, and employee morale. We need someone with a media background to join our staff and ensure we’re optimally running our interview process; that our website and social channels are being used effectively; that our physical space is being taken care of; and that our employees are being looked after with right amount of social activities and training. Currently an Executive Assistant, President and EVP share these responsibilities. While all these individuals will continue to be involved, we need someone who can pursue these responsibilities and help us deploy our resources strategically. In other larger organizations this person is called a Chief Operating Officer or a Chief of Staff.

    The ideal person
  • Should be passionate and enthusiastic. They need to have a big personality that attracts people.
  • Should be very organized.
  • Will be able to work collaboratively with people in the NY office and in the other four offices.
  • Will be helpful, focused and solutions oriented.
  • Should be able to understand how operations can impact business and how successful operations management is an organizational strength.
  • Has the emotional maturity and are able to work with people at all levels, some very senior and others just starting out.
  • Is the kind of person that everyone believes will take ownership of the project and ‘get it done’.
  • Wants to one day run a business.